My name is Jacqueline. I’m a documentary and lifestyle photographer. My specialty is capturing people and private spaces.

I started taking pictures on the streets of New Orleans, my hometown, when I was a teenager. I was a sentimental girl with a deep sense of nostalgia, so the camera was a natural means of expression for me. The city became my muse. The lively street scenes, distressed architecture, and effortless blend of elegance and decadence have always inspired me. My innate curiosity and love of connecting with people led me to a career in photojournalism.

My journey as a professional photographer began in 1997 when I graduated from Boston University with a degree in photojournalism. One year later, a staff newspaper job lead me to Newport, Rhode Island, where I worked for The Newport Daily News, the arts and entertainment weekly Mercury, and the bimonthly lifestyle magazine Newport Life for over 16 years. The diverse content of the three publications – all owned by the same parent publishing company – allowed me to shoot news, sports, features, fashion, entertainment, and stylized covers, sometimes all in a day’s work.

One of the things I loved most about working full-time in print journalism was being welcomed to take photographs in people’s homes and workplaces every day. I loved hearing people’s stories and being trusted enough to be given an intimate look into their lives. Private spaces reveal so much about a person – who they are, and what matters to them. This idea is something I continue to explore as a house tour contributor for the lifestyle blog Apartment Therapy. It is also the subject of a long-term personal project I began in 2014.

My time in Newport, the City by the Sea, brought me friendships, love, marriage, a New England Cottage, and a family of my own. Newport will always feel like a home to me. I believe it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. But, as any New Orleanian would understand, I always yearned for my beloved hometown. There’s just something about the Crescent City that’s imprinted on my soul.

I made my way back to New Orleans in 2015 through a twist of fate. When my husband Eamon was presented with an unexpected opportunity to work in Louisiana, we packed up our family and headed South to begin a new chapter in our lives.

After living in the Northeast for over 20 years, I’m excited to rediscover New Orleans with fresh eyes as she approaches her 300th anniversary. I’m ready to tell the story of my home and her people.