Bebe's First Bike

Shooting every day makes it difficult to keep up with all of the photos I take that aren't subject to a deadline. This is a total bummer because there are so many sweet moments I want to share, like this weekend over the summer when Evangeline got her first bike. It was a hand-me-down from a neighbor. It was purple and sparkly and said "Glimmer Shimmer Sparkle and Shine" – totally not bebe's style.  Eamon took it apart, scraped off stickers, painted it black and red and left the rims pink. We surprised her with it one day and she surprised us by going straight for stunts; balancing on the seat on two legs and then one. It was pretty awesome. We're quite proud of our little daredevil. So, I'm happy to finally be sharing these images and plan to dig into more summer photos in the coming weeks.

These two shots of bebe in action were taken by Eamon.