Maurice Cheeks and Bear make their PBS debut

It's impossible not to fall in love with Maurice Cheeks and Bear after seeing them perform in the Benny Sizzler video for the song "Rhode Island Dead." These cute canines are so skilled and obedient you'd think they were rescued from the circus. The loveable duo was back in the spotlight again this week when Geoff Adams visited Gail Greenwood and Chil Mott's Middletown home to document them in action for a PBS segment on working dogs that will run after an episode of the cartoon "Martha Speaks," which is about a talking dog. While Chil shot the dogs staging a hospital break scene for Benny Sizzler's next video, Geoff documented the making of the video and I documented all of the documenting for the newspaper. It was a meta moment indeed.

Bear breaks Maurice Cheeks – who can wear a hat better than most humans – out of the hospital.

Now, that's the look of a proud stage mom.

Maurice's mouth is watering just thinking about all of the doggie biscuits stashed inside that IV bag.

I loved all of Gail and Chil's hospital props. I can't wait to see them used in the video.

Bear poses for a beauty shot while taking a break from filming.

Look who made the front page!